Tenet Necklace

Commemorate your core tenet on a necklace. Your mantra, word of the year, anniversary, baby, your favorite place, the day you moved to your dream city + anything you can dream up on your necklace! This necklace is truly meant to be interpreted by the wearer.  They are a great gift for yourself and friends/family to remind you of what's important or a shared value. If you don't see an option you'd like on your necklace, please email hello@moultonatx.com to discuss your idea and receive guidance on which style will suit your message best.   

Available in sterling silver, 14k yellow gold-fill, and 14k rose gold-fill.

Special order available for sterling silver and additional chain lengths (16"

+ 20" are popular options).

TO SUBMIT YOUR TENET MESSAGE: after you've added a necklace to your cart, please include your tenet message in the ORDER NOTES section (shown whenever the cart button is highlighted with your mouse on any page) or email to hello@moultonatx.com.


Recommendations per style:

RECTANGLE:13 characters or less

(approximately 1" wide)

City + abbreviated coordinates 

One set of initials and date

SMALL ROUND:8 characters

(approximately 5/8" diameter)

One set of initials

One set of initials and date

City Code + Date 


LARGE ROUND:20 characters

(approximately 1" diameter)

Two sets of initials + one/two  date(s) in between

City + abbreviated coordinates 

Date + abbreviated coordinates 


Terms: Tenet  necklaces are a special order item and all sales are final. Tenet necklaces  are made in batches and  it will take approximately two weeks for your necklace to ship All sales final, tenet necklaces are not eligible for sale pricing due to their custom nature.


Testimony for Tenet Necklace:

"Jen and I emailed back and forth about some ideas [for my tenet necklace]. And as she discussed dates of a marriage or birth which I don't have, I knew a significant number to place on my necklace - the center of Berlin. Jen did an outstanding, breathtaking job on this beaut. This is one of my favorite pieces in my collection next to family jewelry. Now my heart is always near the center of Berlin." - Katie D




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