Hidden Mantra Cuff

Mantra cuffs are customized cuff with your word or mantra of choice. Commemorate a mantra or name that you want to wear against your skin. I love that you can now carry a subtle/hidden meaning with you + be reminded of it every time you see and feel your cuff.

This style is suitable for ONE WORD MANTRAS (8 characters or less).   Why only 8 characters? After making hundreds of these I've learned that this style works best aesthetically and structurally when it's short and sweet.

They are a great gift for yourself and friends/family to remind you of what's important or a shared value.

Available in sterling silver, 14k yellow gold-fill, and 14k rose gold-fill.



Mantra cuffs are a special order item and all sales are final. Mantra cuffs are made in batches and it will take approximately two weeks for your cuff to ship

Sizing: currently cuffs are made to fit an average wrist (6.5-7 inches). If you have a smaller or larger wrist, please measure your wrist and include it in your email to me. The easiest way to measure is to wrap a string -- not too tight and be careful not to stretch the string while measuring -- around your wrist and either snip or mark the overlap and measure the length. 

TO SUBMIT YOUR MANTRA: after you've added the cuff to your cart, please include your mantra and (optional) wrist size in the ORDER NOTES section (shown whenever the cart button is highlighted  with your mouse on any page) or email to hello@moultonatx.com. 


Terms: Mantra cuffs  are a special order item and all sales are final. Mantra cuffs are made in batches and    it will take approximately two weeks for your cuff to ship.   All sales final, mantra cuffs are not eligible for sale pricing due to their custom nature.