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Mission Statement

Moulton jewelry is designed to spark small joys and connection. The ethos is a capsule collection of jewelry meant to fill the void of your [missing] everyday cuff or earrings.

A core desire is to create heirloom objects that travel with you throughout your life and develop their own history. Once your jewelry has accompanied you through many miles and developed a beautiful patina, you can pass it along as part of your legacy.

While a lofty goal, I believe it is the purpose behind our societal desire to collect and cherish objects.

The onus behind this desire lies within my upbringing. I am a fourth generation entreprenuer and tradesperson. Without realizing it, this familial curiosity and inclination was distilled in me as a very young child. It was during my childhood that I became passionate about objects and their stories. I spent countless hours with my grandmother (an entrepreneur) and her jewelry - I wanted to know each piece’s origin, what it meant to her, and how it was made. I did the same with my grandfather (a leathersmith), my uncle (a welder and woodsmith), and my mom (a quilter).

I believe that we are all motivated by legacy. And we seek objects that inspire us to connect - with each other, our heritage, and our daily lives.