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Get access to one of a kind jewelry, jewelry that was made for pop ups and shows,  and jewelry that may or may not have been available through the website!

These jewelry items are not second quality -- most often they are one or one of just a few that were produced and so were never made available on the webshop. You might also get a piece that is available on the webshop -- that's part of the fun!

You will get 1-3 pieces of jewelry that's value is at least double your grab bag tier (ie $100 grab bag's value is guaranteed to be $200+). 

Metals will vary -- your jewelry will be made of 14k yellow gold-fill, sterling silver, 14k rose gold-fill, or bronze in the quality that Moulton jewelry has always been made. 

You may receive an assortment that includes earrings, adjustable rings, necklaces, and/or bracelets. 

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