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Lepak is the second cast jewelry collection by Jen Moulton.

Lepak is designed to be a capsule collection. As with previous collections,  Lepak is a small, curated collection that is meant to serve as a capsule jewelry collection. My vision is to collect a piece or two to add to your jewelry collection - they’re current now and classic enough to keep as an heirloom to pass along someday. Each design is cast in both red bronze and sterling silver. I experimented with silver with two purviews: aesthetics and metal allergies (dreamy vs reality). There’s something about the clean lines and the continuity of pure silver that is very appealing. Practically, I've had many customers with metal allergies and I wanted to offer an option for folks with sensitive skin.

I was lucky to travel to Singapore and Bali in the spring of 2017 where I photographed this collection. I found inspiration in both locales, particularly Bali. The Balinese are kind, deeply spiritual, and committed to community. I found their practice of morning offerings deeply inspiring and moving. I sense a connection between the Balinese approaching life intentionally moment by moment and the morning ritual of getting ready and thoughtfully choosing pieces to wear and present yourself with for the day. 

I envision customers wearing Moulton jewelry on their travels while exploring new places and picking up inspiration in new cultures. I also envision Moulton jewelry worn in daily life, to brunch with friends, and as a piece that makes you feel more ‘you’.

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