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Lepak is the second cast jewelry collection by Jen Moulton.

Lepak is inspired by the way I see the world - I am constantly viewing my world as an intersection of lines, angles, and shapes. I see my surroundings in geometric patterns. It is why I am drawn to very geometric designs - I am constantly seeing a little cutout of space and identifying what triangular shape it is or identifying a bunch of right angles (the most pleasing!). Lepak includes an exploration of angles, which I thoroughly explored in Umber , and ventures into round shapes. Of course, jewelry is often circular to accommodate wrists or fingers, and I also embraced roundness and circles in designing Lepak .

A secondary inspiration is experimentation in the material, in this case wax. I spend long hours tinkering around and carving different shapes to see what patterns emerge. I usually have an idea of a shape I’m drawn to when I sit down to carve but often end up improvising while carving depending on intuition. I carve out a rough shape and then as I remove wax, I begin seeing what the object should be, and continue. I often go through several prototypes before I land on one but I also try to embrace small ‘imperfections’ - wabi sabi. I don’t carve and carve until it looks like a machine made it. While I am personally a (recovering) perfectionist, I’m an advocate of the beautiful touches that only imperfect hands can create. I often think of clay and pottery for inspiration - a sunken in part from throwing a touch too thin can be more beautiful than a perfectly round vase. Thus, a slightly asymmetrical side can actually cause the eye to linger longer than if the piece is ‘perfect’.

Lepak is designed to be a capsule collection. As with my previous collections, I curated a small collection that is meant to serve as a capsule for your wardrobe. My vision is to collect a piece or two to add to your jewelry collection, they’re current now and also classic enough to keep as an heirloom to pass along someday. Secondly, each design is cast in both red bronze and sterling silver. I experimented with silver this time for two reasons: aesthetics and metal allergies (ie dream vs reality). There’s something about the clean lines in a pure white silver that is very appealing to me right now. And I have heard from customers that they have sensitive skin and so I wanted to experiment with offering silver.

Lastly, I was lucky to travel to Singapore and Bali this year and photograph this collection. I found inspiration in both locals, particularly Bali. The Balinese are kind, deeply spiritual, and committed to community. I found their practice of morning offerings deeply inspiring. I envision customers wearing Moulton jewelry on their travels while exploring new places and picking up inspiration in new cultures. I also envision Moulton jewelry worn in daily life, to brunch with friends or as a piece that makes you feel more ‘you’.


Sedap necklace by Jen Moulton

First up. I am so excited to introduce a necklace in the Moulton line up! The Sedap necklace. I thought long and hard which direction to go. Do I go delicate and short for an everyday necklace? Do I go statement and long? I ended up with statement and long as I thought it would better serve. I think most of us have an everyday necklace that is an heirloom - gifted to us at some point or inherited. To me, that is a very special piece that should be thoughtfully created for the individual. I might change my mind in the future but for now, this is what I believe :). So I created a statement necklace that can be worn every day!

Boleh Earrings by Moulton

Next, the Boleh earrings. I wanted to create an everyday earring that you could sleep in but that felt current as a bold stud. I love love the shape of these and how they turned out. I put them in when I want to wear statement-y earrings that I can leave in.

Kosong ring by Moulton

Onto the Kosong ring. Inspired by the traditional cigar ring, with a few updates. For one, it is open in the back and can be adjusted to fit on different fingers. Versatility is a big priority for me in my own life/collection of objects and I always try to include options when possible. Second, it can be worn with the opening in back for a solid statement ring or in front to break up the solid band. I normally have a favorite view on things but I am torn - I love this ring worn both ways. I also love two worn side by side.

Lah Hoops by Moulton

My vision for the Lah hoops is a statement hoop with a twist. I’m very into their scale and heft - they feel statement-y but can still be worn daily. They’re also a homage to Moulton’s roots - I’ve included a hex design in every collection I’ve made.

Shiok Cuff by Moulton

Rounding out Lepak is the Shiok cuff. Cuffs are arguably my favorite piece of jewelry (it’s a tie between cuffs and earrings). I personally prefer cuffs over bangles as they don’t fall down onto your hand or ride up on your arm. At the risk of sounding redundant, I love the scale of this cuff! It’s bold and a statement but comfortable for daily wear. I personally like wearing a few cuffs at a time, mixing in a few thin brass/bronze cuffs with this statement cuff.


And that’s Lepak ! I’m very proud of these pieces and love watching my little collection of Moulton jewelry grow. And, of course, I am so excited to share it with you guys! Thank you, thank you for reading this, supporting me and my babies (jewelry), and all the kind words.

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